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How to make a Paradigm Shift in your thinking.

To be successful leaders need to know how to create healthy relationships and productive cultures that produce strong results. Our Leadership Training teaches, trains, and equips leaders to succeed in the increasingly competitive modern marketplace.

We all know Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Theoretically change is simple because it’s a just a choice. Problem is most of us have some constraints and self-defeating behaviors that make effective change more difficult. Research also shows that change is often times temporary since people tend to revert back to old behaviors when the pressure is off.  Yes sometimes our insanity thinking becomes comfortable.

Real leadership transformation only occurs when we make change permanent. In order to make change permanent a person has to have a “Paradigm Shift” in their thinking process and that’s what our Leadership Training is all about. Transformational thinking will transform your life.

The foundation of our MPI Leadership training lies within Eliyahu Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints. The Theory of Constraints is a methodology for identifying the most important limiting factor (i.e. constraint) that stands in the way of achieving a goal and then systematically improving or removing that constraint until it is no longer the limiting factor.

Premise One – All constraints eventually trace back to leadership (past or current) or the processes, policies, and procedures that the leadership created.

Premise Two – Since leadership is always the biggest constraint (and that’s a positive because we all have the ability to transform our ways of thinking) to improve an organization the leadership has to have a paradigm shift in the way they think, lead, and manage it.

Through our Maximum Positive Impact Leadership Training workshop participants quickly discover that relationships are at the core of performance, and that real trust and respect are essential to any organization seeking to grow and improve. MPI Leadership Training uses simple and easy to use tools that help transform organizations into high performing organizations.


  • Improved peer connections that result in more effective teamwork.
  • Greatly improved and more connected leadership.
  • GREAT meeting effectiveness.
  • Better, higher performing, self-managing teams.
  • Higher level of trust in organization.
  • Greatly reduced gossip.
  • Healthy conflict resolution.
  • Reduced of need for micro-managing.
  • Happier work force.
  • Improved more connected culture.
  • Better and more effective teamwork.
  • Improved Innovation.