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Leaders face a formidable and significant challenge. They are also like other people and require accountability and guidance. They also need a safe and trusting relationship they can count on to share their struggles and frustrations.

These 50-minute sessions are designed to motivate and inspire leaders to continually move forward in a positive direction, according to their Individual MPI Action Plan. Steps are updated and refined with each session and additional areas of improvement identified.

· Obtain clarity on strengths and constraints
· Develop solid action steps in order to expedite growth
· Complete a thorough MPI Action Plan
· Address any obstacles related to the personal assessment that may have arisen since the MPI Leadership Training
· Gain extra motivation to continue the growth journey

After your executive attends our MPI Leadership Training Workshop we offer coaching as an ideal way to continue their development and to ensure they are moving in the right direction. We will create an individualized MPI Action Plan that identifies specific areas for growth. We then coach them through the growth steps while continually evaluating their performance. They will arrive at a better more productive place that can assist your company in moving towards a higher level of success.
Successful Leaders need to learn how important creating healthy relationships are to provide productive cultures that produce strong results. Our Leadership Training helps organizations cultivate leadership potential to meet more ambitious goals.