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They must raise the bar on their performance while competing against marketplace, social, political, and environmental pressures like never before.

In our MPI Culture Change workshop your staff will learn how to build an environment of trust and respect with their employees in order to maximize success in the workplace. They will also learn the power of creating an intentional work culture that provides a context for the highest level of learning, growth, and performance to occur.

Participants will learn:

· How to build meaningful, productive relationships with every colleague.
· How to use the GREAT Model of leading to reduce anxiety and create a safe, effective work environment.
· How to discover and provided employee needs to ensure a solid culture.
· High payoff techniques for dealing with conflict, negative behavior, and disrespect issues.
· Proven skills and techniques that increase communication and cooperation in the workplace.

MPI Culture Change is an immersive, participatory experience for executives, managers, and employees of all experience and skill levels. Participants learn and practice skills they will use and model in the workplace This powerful and engaging presentation utilizes MPI Leadership Training, the GREAT Model, and The Theory of Constraints.